We provide clear, unbiased actuarial and investment consulting services.

Our persistent commitment to providing customised service to institutions constantly exceeds the expectations of our clients.

As we aim for excellence in all that we do. We addittionaly have a service offering that is specific towards the legal community.

Romanus Gustav, Managing Director, Namibia

Romanus  is a registered Chartered Accountant (CA) with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Namibia (i.e. ICAN) and a Registered Accountant & Auditor (RAA) with the Public Accountants and Auditors Board (i.e. PAAB) by profession. He has worked in several industries ranging from state-owned enterprises, manufacturing, media, financial services, insurance brokerage, financial technology, and renewable energy. He currently has the role of Managing Director for Actuaries and Consultants Namibia (IAC Namibia).

Investment Advisory

Helping you navigate the demanding & complicated financial environments by establishing customised strategies for your fund and ensure that your goals are met.

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Insurance Actuarial

We offer you unbiased, cost effective actuarial reporting and consulting. We will help you add value that will benefit your company's stakeholders.

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Retirement Fund Actuarial

With our knowledge & large team, we provide solutions that add value to your members as well as satisfaction that exceeds your expectations.

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MVA/Third Party Actuarial

We offer a full variety of MVA/Third Party (Personal Injury) Actuarial services to help you calculate and record motor vehicle accidents, as well as other associated services.

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Independent Peer Review

Our team conducts technical peer assessments on actuarial liabilities and sophisticated financial calculations. We have extensive experience providing peer review reports in all industries.

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Accounting Analytics & Reporting

We put our principles into action by offering thorough calculations that are thoroughly documented in order to analyse risk and improve performance.

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