We are an authorized Financial Services Provider that was founded in 2002.

Our persistent commitment to providing customised service to institutions constantly exceeds the expectations of our clients. We aim for excellence in all that we do, without forgetting our roots in the communities that we serve.

Board of Directors & Executive Committee
Asim Gani, Managing Director

Being a Fellow of the South African Actuarial Society (FASSA), Asim is a goal-oriented and cost-conscious Director. To maintain a sustained niche position within the industry, he addresses IAC's business strategy with creativity and innovative problem-solving.

As well as being in charge of the companys evolution, Asim is also a senior actuary and scheme valuator for a number of retirement funds.

Victor Faria, Head of Investments

Victor began and continues to expand the investment advice services that IAC provides to its clients based on his comprehensive grasp of the investment industry's main drivers.

Victor has counselled a number of notable institutions on investment strategy, including expert
opinions on complicated investment structures, and is a frequent invited speaker at industry conferences.

Kevin Lewis, Finance & Risk Management

Kevin has management experience in the following areas: HR, IT, P&L, accounting, customer service, administration, and legal. He is in charge of IAC's finance and operations functions, which he has overseen for over 17 years.

Offices present in Africa
exceptional employees

Demonstrate exceptional service and customer care, and motivate others in the business to put as much passion into their work.

Our mission

To be the industry leader in financial actuarial and consulting services by offering professional, impartial services to our clients and assisting them through every step of the process.

Our vision

With a long history of supporting previously disadvantaged people, we have traditionally adhered to a different set of guiding principles. Our primary purpose as a company run by members of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, as well as the Actuarial Society of South Africa, is to give value to our clients and service satisfaction that exceeds their expectations.

We are passionate.

We are fully engaged and passionate about the work we accomplish for and with our clients at IAC.

We are accurate.

We understand that the job we conduct comprises many calculations and reports that have an impact on our clients, so we make certain that our work is accurate and right before delivering it.

We are transparent.

IAC is open and honest with our customers. We strive to build trusting relationships with our clientele.

And committed.

We are dedicated to our clients and providing them with the best solutions possible.

Let us help you succeed.

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