Solidarity Fund

The world is at a crucial point in life currently. Lives are being lost and faith in life, in humanity, is being tested. People are joining together to help those who cannot help themselves, to make this world a better place, even if its just a moment. Independent Actuaries & Consultants believe that by helping just one person, it can have a domino effect on others. This is why we believe and support the Solidarity Fund by our president Cyril Ramaphosa. Covid-19 has left many unemployed, many families losing their bread winners as they have lost the battle of the virus. There are millions that are now hungry and left destitute.

The Solidarity Fund is a way to give back, and to take back control of our lives. By supporting humanitarian relief efforts, you do not just fill an empty stomach, you give a child something to believe in. You let them know that they have a community that cares, you give them faith in society which in turns grows up a beautiful human that is caring, sincere, humble and full of love for others who are in need.

This year, during a world wide pandemic, we are proud to know that our donations have been a part of reaching over 300 000 families across nine provinces, feeding over 250 000 vulnerable households during lockdown.

The Solidarity have not only fed masses, but have managed to secure nearly 80% of the surgical masks and 100% of the N95 masks that are needed by our health care workers so that they can do their jobs in helping the sick.

There are many other avenues the fund has aided this year, and this is why we will continue to be a part of the process in ensuring that our president, our country is supported during these dire times.