We’re here to guide you through the challenging & complicated financial environments  by developing customised strategies for YOUR fund & to ensure that your benchmarks are met.

We have a dedicated team that creates  OPTIMIUM strategies & assists you in selecting investment manager s. In addition to our INTERNAL manager research capabilities, we also have access to external manager research which we use as part of our initial screening. Due to our client base, profile and structuring approach, we are often able to substantially NEGOTIATE your investment MANAGEMENT FEES for YOUR benefit.

As a LEADING, independent financial advisory company, IAC’s enviable track record can be attributed to our entrepreneurial management, our dedicated and skilled people and the company’s commitment to providing independent, innovative advice.


– Comprehensive asset consulting services.

– Investment Policy Development and Review.

– Asset liability modelling.

– Manager selection and portfolio construction services.

– Life stage and individual member investment choice modelling.

– Performance and risk measurement and analysis.

– Investment Training.

For further information relating to our INVESTMENT ADVISORY services, please do not hesitate to contact me on:

+27 861 333 820    OR     email

Victor Faria, Head of Investment Consulting

IAC Investment Team
IAC Investment Team – Cape Town