Investment Advisory

We’re here to guide you through the challenging & complicated financial environments by developing customised strategies for YOUR fund & to ensure that your benchmarks are met...

Insurance Actuarial

We believe in providing you with INDEPENDENT, COST EFFECTIVE actuarial reporting & advice. Our INNOVATIVE value add will be beneficial to your stakeholders.

Retirement Fund Actuarial

With our vast experience, our substantial team & our ability to relate to you, the Trustee. IAC will provide ACTUARIAL solutions that will add value to your members & service satisfaction that will surpass your expectations.

MVA, Delictual & Actuarial

Independent Actuaries & Consultants provides a complete range of MVA & DELICTUAL Actuarial services...

Independent Peer Review

We perform technical peer reviews for a range of actuarial liabilities & complex financial calculations. We have substantial experience in providing PEER review reports in all our above practice areas.

Financial Statement & Other Modelling

We believe in INDEPENDENT, thorough calculations that are comprehensively documented in order to assess risk & improve performance.