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FELLOW OF THE ACTUARIAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA (FASSA) A goal-driven & fiscally conscious Director, Asim approaches IAC’s business strategy with innovation & creative problem-solving to ensure a sustainable niche position within the Industry. While being responsible for evolving the business, Asim is also a senior actuary & scheme valuator to a number of retirement funds.

Victor FariaWith his deep understanding of the core drivers of the investment industry, Victor initiated & continues to grow the investment advisory services that IAC offers to its clients.   Victor has advised a number of leading institutions on investment strategy, including providing expert views on complex investment structures and is a regular invited speaker at industry conferences. fully layered.


Kevin’s management expertise are: HR, IT, P&L, accounting, customer service, administration, and legal.

He oversees IAC’s finance and operations functions that are backed by more than 17 years’ experience within those fields.

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