With our strong heritage in assisting previously disadvantaged individuals we are proudly in partnership with ASABA offering not only financial sponsorship but guidance, mentorship, inhouse internships as well as job opportunities in the actuarial field. with IAC being an industry leader, it gives us the opportunity to provide candidates with real world coaching and development. But more importantly tangible job opportunities that will empower both them and their immediate communities.

We offer a practical systematic and real opportunities to enter the work force as an (actuarial, financial investments etc). in order to have success here we believe that we need to spend quality time and attention at grass roots level focusing on giving the most vulnerable of our youth a healthy and safe environment to best equip them to become the best versions of themselves. We focus on providing safe nurturing environments by ensuring that the basic needs of our youth are taken care of allowing them to focus on their futures. We are involved with programs including but not limited to the Muslim Hands Organisation where we (elaborate)… as well as Child Welfare Organisations (more detail), building of schools and painting of classrooms.

Balance is equally important to us and we believe that opportunities need to exist both in and outside the classroom with an understanding that some of life’s greatest lessons can be learnt on a sports field and within a team environment. We encourage our youth to get involved in sport both as individuals and part of a team. With sport being a universal language and many of our youth aspiring to see the superstars they see on TV, we aim to provide that same inspiration closer to home by equipping community leaders with the tools to be the much needed local role models for the youth in their communities. This is achieved by providing local teams with sports kits and coaching equipment. Discipline, perseverance, failure, triumph, working as team as well as individual are all important skill sets needed to excel in the modern-day work force. With some youth needing more encouragement than others we have partnered up with some youth needing more encouragement than others. In association with the Judo Institute for special needs) as we believe in equal equality for all.