Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals (ASABA)

As South Africa continuously develops into a more united country, there are still many issues we as a country need to tackle and overcome. Disadvantaged communities still require opportunities that before were not afforded to them. As an actuarial firm, IAC felt a deep desire to assist these communities in developing their youngsters who are keen minded and had a desire to study sciences, specifically actuarial science. ASABA was created to directly tackle these issues and make this profession more accessible and inclusive of all races.

Obviously IAC had to jump on board immediately. As a gold sponsorship member of the whole program, we are now proud to say we apart of a program that mentors and has many initiatives for university students who are in this field. This is done by providing scholarships, training, research and teaching and career guidance and counselling to secondary school learners to assist them in the transition to studying actuarial sciences in universities. ASABA’s vision of representing all demographics in South Africa, has now become our vision as well.